FirstMind helps leaders make better people decisions across hiring, development and coaching across all industries and at all seniority levels. We have created the leading tool in questionnaire led human assessment which provides deep insights into an individual in a highly accessible way.

FirstMind emerged from the mission to help organisations build a productive, engaged, and high performing workforce. We quickly found that the best way to achieve our mission is to help people thrive and flourish in their work and everyday life, and help leaders make important people decisions more data-driven.

Throughout our careers, we have been met with various human development tools, consultancy reports, and more, and often came to the same conclusion. They are very effective at making the individual easy to understand, but we miss the implications and takeaways that comes with the nuances and complexity.

We have, therefore dived deeper into humans to create a tool that can capture the complexity and explain it in a simple way to make the implications more precise, practical, and actionable.


We take and value a scientific and data-driven methodology building our product on 25 years of research, 42 cognitive studies, 9 behavioural studies and on 1.2 million individuals.​


Our passion for helping people unleash their full potential and our desire to achieve our mission drives us to set high standards and only expect the highest quality of work.


We cannot achieve our mission alone and depend on companies’ ability to act. We take a user-centric approach to enable our customers to implement and profit from our insights.

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